Youth Ministry

“How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.” Psalm 119:9

Our youth ministry is designed to bring up our future generation to stand in faith for God. We are not only teaching the Word of God, but inspiring them to live according to the scripture.

How do we teach?

Young adults always have questions and curiosity to find out everything. We do not criticize or oppress them but listen to them and explain them through the word of God. Thus, in our youth ministry, we love our youngsters to ask questions ,share their experiences with similar age groups, and our leaders address the questions, sharings with their views from the scriptural perspective.. In that way young adults grow stronger in the word of God and closer to Christ. We do see our youth living a life pleasing to God and sharing their valuable lessons to others.

It is our greatest responsibility to bring our kids to honour God. As our younger generations are our future leaders, let us help them grow as God fearing and helping good citizens..

Bring your youths to become a prayer warrior, a good Samaritan and conquerors to win souls for the kingdom of God.

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